Harmeet Chowdhary works as a Business Consultant with brands and organisations with a diversified portfolio and offers result oriented services.
Project Financing & Strategic Alliances 
Business Financing 
Finance is the lifeline of any business, Harmeet Chowdhary has a strong network with financial advisors and angel investors. Being a business strategist he can help you evaluate your net worth and build a portfolio that can attract investors to infuse funds in your business and projects to maximise growth.
In today's competitive  world sponsorships and strategic alliances are important for the success and survival of any business, project or event. Harmeet Chowdhary has built a trustworthy network of clients who are willing to come on board for various premium projects with offer extensive exposure return on investments.
Film Financing
If you are a new film maker, production house or a producer who wants to collaborate with other investors, then Harmeet Chowdhary can introduce you to premium clients. He will help you design and present a attractive proposal to potential investors. 
If you are looking to expand your business and create a franchise business model than Harmeet Chowdhary can help you design the branding and set up the whole legal process of commercial operations. 
Image Consulting & Online Reputation Management​​​​​​​
If you wish to succeed in today's world then having a pleasing personality, good soft skills and effective communication is essential elements to get more clients and boost your business. 
Harmeet Chowdhary offers dynamic training and consulting for those who wish to make an impact on the world. 
An Image Consultant Works with people in the following areas:
Public Speaking - Art of effective speech 
Personality Development - Communication & style enhancement.
Power Dressing - Dressing as per body shape, personal colouring and skin tone.
Shopping Smart - Make the most of every item in your wardrobe.
Body Language - Etiquette, using body language and manners to your advantage. 
Soft skills Training 
In the era of Digital Marketing your social profile is the key part of how people research and find about you. Harmeet Chowdhary works on an overall marketing and public relations plan to improve your credibility in the market 
Social Media - Branding and online presence strategy
The training and consulting is highly beneficial and recommended for Individuals, Celebrities & Corporates​​​​​​​
Brand Strategy & Event Consulting
Your Brand is you in the market and people interact with that brand keeping you in mind. Harmeet Chowdhary works with you and your teams to develop a Brand and Business strategy to reflect the true essence of your business and develop a elite corporate identity. 
If your planning a mega event or looking to upscale business operations, then Harmeet Chowdhary is an expert in designing an effective theme and marketing strategy to make the event a memorable experience for all. 
Assist you in collaborating with the best brands and leaders in the industry. 
Make an impact on your target audience and leave a long lasting impression
To connect with Harmeet Chowdhary and take your Business & Brand to a whole new level click the link below 

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