Learn the art of taking your business and brand to a whole new level 
Business coaching can be the single greatest investment decision you make for your business and brand.
Whether you’re a professional looking to earn a promotion or an entrepreneur looking to grow and upscale your business and projects, having a Business Coach with a proven track record and unique skill set like Harmeet Chowdhary by your side, you can rest assured that you have an edge above your competitors and are walking on a lucrative path to success.
With his extensive international experience working with top leaders and prominent personalities in the Corporate Industry, he brings innovative planning and key strategies to boost your business.
Business Coaching is the key to unlock your Success ​​​​​​​
What are the benefits of working with a Business Coach?
A Business Coach works together with entrepreneurs, business owners, CEO's and professionals to build a strong foundation and helps strengthen the business modules to increase revenue and build a strong brand value.
Shares actionable feedback, personalised advice, and growth strategies to accelerate business operations.
Provides valuable inputs and insights on developing core competencies. 
Shares 360 degrees analysis and evaluation of the current business positioning.
Designs customized action plans to increase sales generate leads   
Builds a strong online presence to maximise reach and scalability.
Helps you build confidence and enhance communication skills.
Creates an impactful content and brand strategy for your business 
Identifies any weak aspects in the business module and helps rectify them.
Gives you an edge over your competitors.
Motivates you and your teams for better performance materials.
Helps you to balance and manage personal and professional aspects of life. ​​​​​​​
What will you learn and accomplish working with your Business Coach?
How to become a good leader and manage teams
Master the art of attracting and acquiring new clients
How to effectively use Social Media to build your brand image
How to convert your potential leads into customers 
Giving you customers and clients a wow experience 
Enhance important business decisions making skills 
Learn the secret formula of closing and negotiating deals  
Identifying and bringing out the real genius within you
How to overcome challenges and obstacles 
Staying ahead of time with Time Management Skills 
Mastering the Art of becoming a visionary
Inspiration to create new ideas and strategies
Keeping your employees happy and satisfied
Collaborations and strategic alliances for business expansion

Your Coach works with you from remote locations to your office space based on availability and requirement
Giving you the flexibility and opportunity to stay connected always in a 360 degree environment and never miss an important business deal
You have the flexibility to stay connected with your business coach from anywhere in the world and get business tips right in the palm of your hand.
Interactive Sessions are held through Video Conferencing and  Direct Calls 
Weekly power packed brainstorming sessions with teams
Which areas will the Business Coach focus on?
Your customers are the key to your business success. Your coach will work together with you to plan a road map that works just right for your customer satisfaction levels. 
Will focus on strategically helping you build lead generation and capitalization funnels for your business.
Market your brand and services to the right target audience 
Engage potential investors to show interest in your services and business for expansion
Assists you in connecting with other brands and sponsors for collaborations

How much does it cost you to work with a Business Coach?
Now the most important point that comes to your mind is how much do I have to pay to hire a Business Coach.
Well its quite simple, it comes down to how many sessions are required to build a strong business foundation and what is the nature of your business and the strength of your team.
What are your objectives and goals you wish to achieve. 
Are you looking to build your brand presence
Want to improve your Business Management Skills 
Increase revenue and sales 
Develop innovative product or services
Take your brand online and go digital 
Looking for strategic alliances or brand collaborations 
Just simply looking to focus on all of the above.
A customised cost effective Business Coaching Plan will designed and offered to you which you will have the option to pay Monthly - Quarterly and yearly.
The math is very simple by working with your Business Coach you increase your chances of generating 10X Revenue and Brand Value by investing upto 10% of it on Coaching 
The best part of it is that all the clients that Harmeet Chowdhary has worked with as a Business Coach have achieved and experienced tremendous growth and transformation.

It's time you experience the magic of the specially designed Business Coaching Program 

To Hire Harmeet Chowdhary as your Business Coach and 10X your business growth 
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