The program that has transformed and changed the lives of many around the globe
"How to Become You" is a award winning coaching program designed by Harmeet Chowdhary which has helped people to overcome their fears and identify their true potentials. 
If you are passionate to achieve you dream goals and ambitions  
Are ready and flexible to adopt change and transform yourself
Committed to work together with your Success Coach
Then there is no looking back
As you will identify you true abilities and unleash your super powers 
Become what you always wanted and deserved to be

The USP of the program is the flexibility to learn and take the coaching from any where in the world at a convenient and suitable time, from the comfort of your home or office and even while travelling around the world in different time zones.
The coaching programme helps you be connected with your personal success coach in a 360 degrees environment 24 x 7
As most of the sessions are online and over the phone, along with regular email and whats-app  support, clients always have the privilege to be inspired at all times by their coach Harmeet Chowdhary.
To simplify the process you can understand and evaluate for yourself how Success Coaching can help you achieve your objectives and goals by the key points mentioned below.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​
If you are looking to build your Career?
Best for Freshers - Students - Professionals who are seeking a job or wish to grow in their current profiles.
Road Map - It is very important to decide early on what career path you will be taking. What decisions you want to take if you are looking to move to another job, such as the profile, position or organisation. Success Coaching helps you understand what is best for you and what will give you the edge above others.
If you are looking to improve your Skills and Personality? 
Best for Models - Artists - Actors - Singers - Emcees who wish to become a famous celebrity 
Road Map - Talent is a natural gift we inherit within us, but how we use that talent to become successful is the art and process of becoming a famous personality or celebrity in the society. By polishing your soft skills and leadership qualities your chances of reaching the pinnacle is most certain.
If you are looking to build your Brand and Business
Best for Entrepreneurs - Startup Founders - CEO - Directors who wish to take their business growth and revenue to a whole new level​​​​​​​. 
Road Map - In today's ever so changing competitive environment it is very crucial to stay ahead of the game. Success coaching gives you the impetus you require.  
If you are looking to improve your Life and Relationships 
Best for Individuals - Couples - Homemakers who wish to seek a happy and satisfactory life.
Road Map - The most important aspect of existence is to live a peaceful and happy life. improve your lifestyle and relations. Success Coaching gives you the luxury to live a life on your own terms, feeling confident and in control of your life.  ​​​​​​​
What are benefits of the Coaching Program?
You will gain awareness and clarity in life 
Will be able to set personal milestones to achieve goals and objectives 
Be Inspired to identify your true hidden potential and talents
Confidence to choose your true career path and purpose in life
Will be challenged to achieve outstanding results in your personal and professional life
Position to better understand your thoughts, feelings and evaluate your current position
Coach will designs a road map for you to break mind blocks and fear 
Achieve financial security and independence in life 
Will be able reach your dream ambitions and become successful
Will feel content and satisfied in your Life, Career & Business  ​​​​​​​
What others have to say about the coaching program and their own personal transformational Success Stories
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