Harmeet Chowdhary is a certified Success Coach, Life Skills Trainer and a Business Consultant. He has a proven track record of working with Individuals  celebrities and entrepreneurs. 
Success Coaching is a process where the coach helps you identify your true potential and how you can improve your skill set to achieve your desired goals in life. He designs a customised road map which you follow on a daily basis to overcome your fears and gradually achieve each milestone.
Your Coach works with you on a regular basis in person or over the phone. He gives you 2 weekly 60 min sessions along with support on mail and whatsapp throughout for any challenges and queries you may have during the program.   
 Write a Mail
You just have to write to Harmeet Chowdhary about your 3 core objectives and desired goals you wish to achieve in your life and what are the obstacles and challenges that have come your way that have not allowed you to achieve those desired results in life till now on connect@harmeetchowdhary.com
After going through your questions and profile Harmeet Chowdhary will evaluate and design a customised road map to achieve your dream ambitions.
You will receive an email and phone call from the team who will give you the options to book your initial free 45 min discovery session with your coach, in which Harmeet Chowdhary will interact with you based on what you have mentioned on mail.
If he feels that your goals are achievable and finds you determined and committed towards achieving them he shall offer you the program and you will have the choice to start a wonderful journey with your coach to attain success.
Every Individual is unique and special therefore a customised road map and program is designed by the coach.
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