Who is Harmeet Chowdhary
Harmeet Chowdhary is a person who takes pride in others success. He is a source of positive energy and an inspiration for many people. His unique ability to bring out the best in people is one of his core strengths. He has incredible faith in the almighty and is a humanitarian at heart. His actions and beliefs strive towards helping individuals identify their true potentials and create an inspiring Success story by achieving their ambitions and goals in life.
He is an Inspirational Speaker and a Certified Celebrity Success Coach from USA, his extensive 15 years of experience in the Education, Media and Entertainment industry along with a remarkable performance record puts him among one of the top coaches in India. He has a background from The United Kingdom, London and has spent several years studying and enhancing his entrepreneurial skills in various Creative Sectors. He is associated with the International Coach Federation and is a member of the Certified Coaches Alliance, Canada. He has also been up-skilled by Mr. John Twitchen (Creative Director BBC, UK) on Advanced Intercultural Communication Skills and Film Production.
Harmeet Chowdhary works with clients, celebrities, individuals and groups in a range of settings, some in face to face meetings, power packed workshops and many via online and phone  coaching. His distinctive ability to coach online and over the phone gives his clients endless possibilities and opportunities to get the best of coaching at their ease and flexibility from the comfort and convenience of their office and home. 
In today’s competitive environment his flexible & Impact Coaching gives them the decisive edge as they take their business and lifestyle anywhere in the world.
Harmeet Chowdhary is also the founder and CEO of Hitss Entertainment an Image Consulting, Public Relations and Event Consulting firm which has a special knack for working with aspiring Artists, Celebrities, Authors, Doctors, Lawyers, Start-ups, Dynamic Entrepreneurs and Organisations to help them get the right platform and all the publicity and exposure they deserve.
He has fans, followers and clients from all around the globe, who have miraculously transformed their lives and businesses through his high end impact coaching program "How to Become You" and enjoy a strong presence in their area of expertise worldwide.
He has won various accolades and has recently been awarded by Ms. Rajiee M Shinde President of Epic TV and founder member of PTC  Channel for his outstanding performance in the Times Gurgaon Carnival. He has also been awarded with the Shaheed Bhagat Singh award for his contribution in the Education & Media Industry. His dynamic personality and passion for creativity has at many times encouraged him to be in-front of the lens in the media & entertainment industry. He is also the Brand Ambassador of an international menswear clothing brand and the preferred choice for various Bollywood promotional campaigns. 
He recently received much appreciation from the Industry’s best for his contribution and leading from the front towards one of India’s biggest event after the Common Wealth Games, Salman Khan’s Mega Concert Da-Bangg Tour 2017, which was held in Delhi in December at Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium.
He derives his energy & inspiration from Lord Krishna & his teachings & principles from The Bhagavad Gita. He has also established a not for profit organisation Krishna Learning Foundation in which he conducts free regular workshops on Spirituality and Self Belief. The motive behind the formation, is his vision that education should not just be confined to those who can afford it but to also those who value it and need it the most. He welcomes everyone to become a part of the Foundation in any capacity they wish to be associated as, from being a Student, Teacher, Social worker, or a fundraiser.
Key Specialities: Image Consulting, Leadership Coaching, Sales Coaching, Career Transitional Coaching, Wellness & Life Coaching, Intercultural Communication, Personality Development