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It's very simple just click the Orange button on the top of the home page which say's "Book Session" you will be redirected to the Phone Coaching page. Follow the steps that have been given, fill up the form with your details and submit it. You will get a call and email acknowledging you interest in training and a first initial free complimentary session will be aligned for you with the Coach.
If you feel that you will not be able to attend your session on that particular day, then we would request you to write to us on connect@harmeetchowdhary.com at-least 24 hrs before your aligned session or alternatively call on the given numbers for communication. We will align your session for some other date based on the availability of the Coach.
No, problem at all. The session is totally free and it is your choice to enroll in the Coaching program as and when you feel comfortable. There is no obligation to enroll at your end. There are various ways in which you can stay connected with the coach until you decide to enroll. You may sign up for the Coach's weekly newsletter, connect with him on social media by following his accounts for latest updates and events. Free workshops are also conducted by the Coach at various locations, you can book your seat in advance by writing to us when you are interested.
The session will be for a duration of 60 minutes
You can easily enroll in the Coaching by writing a mail or calling us on the given numbers. You will receive a mail with the payment link and the date and session timings. *Note - Session dates and timings will depend on the Coach prior commitments and availability. You will be given 2 slots, morning or evening and two different days in a week to choose from. Based on that you can book your session as per your convenience.

Payment Related Questions

It is a very easy and simple process. An email with the payment link will be shared in which you will have the option to make a payment directly through IMPS, NEFT, Internet Banking to the Coach's account. For international payments a separate link for PayPal will also be provided.
Your billing cycle for the coaching program will start from your first paid session date and will continue monthly, quarterly, half yearly and yearly as per your preferred choice you have made.
No problem at all, the Coach gives 15 days 100% money back guarantee, if you are unable to take the coaching for some reason or are not satisfied. You just need to write a mail to us and a representative will take you through the process.
Yes! you have the option to pay the total coaching fee in advance. In the initial mail you receive you will have the options for Monthly, Quarterly, Half Yearly and Yearly payment options.
Yes! you will surely get lot's of benefits for making advance payments. The Coaching program will cost you less and an additional 1 hour every month will be given to you by the Coach. *Note only applicable on Yearly and Half yearly advance payments for the Coaching programs.

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